General Regulation of Lodging Facilities - Law 11.771 of 2008

1 - Reservations will only be confirmed with payment by the customer of 50% of the total value of the contracted daily. The payment of the signal made by the guest formalizes the Accommodation Agreement, regardless of its signature.

1.1 - Payment of the balance of the total amount of the contracted daily rates must be made upon check-in. We do not accept business and / or third party checks.

1.2 - If, after 24 hours, from the pre-booking by the customer, 50% of the total amount of the pre-booked rates will not be paid.

2 - The full closing of the account will be made upon release of the apartment and delivery of the key of the same, when the extra expenses must be paid.

2.1 - The non-attendance of the guest at Pousada Santorini, after 12 hours of the agreed time and in the absence of any prior written notice, will result in the cancellation of your reservation, without any refund of values.

2.2 - Only the full amount of the reservation will be refunded, if the written request is formalized, within 07 days prior to the accommodation period, discounting the administrative expenses (in case of payment by debit or credit card) to be consulted at the time. of cancellation.

2.3 - If this cancellation occurs within less than 07 days from the beginning of the accommodation period, or there is still partial withdrawal of the contracted days, during the accommodation period, Pousada Santorini reserves the right not to refund any amount previously paid.

2.4 - Failure to comply with the contracted days will cause an increase in the price of the daily rates already used and the loss of any discounts granted.


3 - The daily rates are from 14:00 hours and close at 12:00 hours the next day, regardless of the time of arrival at the hostel.


3.1- If you wish to extend your stay beyond this time, please consult the reception in advance to check the availability of vacancies. If available to stay in the room after the specified time, it is subject to possible hourly, percentage or daily charge.


3.2 - Early Check-In and Late Check-Out will be charged 40% of the daily rate (subject to availability).


4 - The tariff may change without notice.


5 - Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.


6 - In the use of towels for cleaning shoes, the cost of washing the towel will be charged.


7 - During the stay, the guest is responsible for repairing any damage caused to their apartment, even when it is not intentionally caused.


7.1 - In case of loss or damage caused to the keys and controls of the apartments, will be debited from the guest's account, which will be responsible for the payment of the same (s).


8 - It is not allowed to hang clothes on the balconies of the accommodation.


9 - The Silence time must be respected from 22:00 to 07:00.


10 - It is an integral part of this contract, the internal regulations, rules and warnings posted in the sectors, which must be read and respected.

1 1- Upon check-in photo ID must be presented.


11.1 - The registration form completed by the guest at the time of check-in must contain complete and true (real) information.


11.2 - It is necessary to present documents under the age of 18, according to law 15.449 / 2014. If the child or adolescent has an ID card, a photocopy must be attached to their ID.


11.3 - Failure to comply with these requests will entail appropriate measures of law.


12 - Pousada Santorini reserves the right to prohibit the use of any area, equipment or apartment for preventive and / or corrective maintenance at any time, including for the guest's own safety.

13 - Pousada Santorini disclaims all responsibility for activities outside its premises. The contracting of external services will be made directly between the guest and the service provider without intermediation, indication or receipt of any payment for the inn.

14 - Pousada Santorini is not responsible for damage to guest vehicles or objects left inside. Except when the car key is under the responsibility of Pousada Santorini.

15 - The right to claim for any clauses contained in this agreement shall expire in 30 days from the reservation signal, pursuant to art. 26, item I of the Consumer Code.