The Breakfast

The Breakfast in a pousada is one of the most rewarding points of a trip and we always work so that this experience is the most satisfactory to our guests.


  • The breakfast tiem is ( am to am).

  • The items below that should be part of your Breakfast Cafè: cakes, tapiocas with various fillings, bread frãnces, bread form, whole bread, hot mixed sandwich, cold mixed sandwich, hot cheese sandwich, brioches, croissant, waffles, crepes Suzete , fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelet, American pancakes, sausage in tomato sauce, yogurts, assorted cold meats, assorted cheeses, butter, curd, seasonal fruit, fruit salad, natural fruit juices, yogurts, corn flakes, low carb granola, granola, oatmeal, assorted jellies, honey, sweet milk, guava, coffee, hot milk, cold milk, hot water, ice water, ice, teas and chocolate.

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